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Keep track, explore new shows and manage your watching right in your pocket.

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In average we watch around 4 hours of TV every day. Wow, thats a lot. Managing all this watching in your head isn't easy and this is where ShowTrack comes into the picture. In this messy jungle of TV shows, ShowTrack is the companion to rely on.

ShowTrack is your new tool that tracks and manages your entire watching and lets you discover new shows to love right from your couch.

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In the jungle of TV-shows, discovering new ones is never easy. This is where your new companion comes into the picture. The Explore-page in ShowTrack helps you find new shows based on what's popular at the moment, upcoming shows and what others are watching.


As if these features weren't enough to help you find the next show to fall in love with, there's another page helping you discovering new shows. The Trend-page lists all the top rated shows among our users and the shows our users most recently discovered and added to their watchlist.

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Where To Watch

With many different sources available for watching all the shows it's tough to find the right place. Not anymore. ShowTrack will provide you all the information you need about where you're able to watch the show.

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With over 150 000 episodes in our database, keeping track of all your watching can be a bit tricky. Where were I? Have I seen this episode? These are common questions when watching TV-shows. ShowTrack solves this problem with an ease. The apps intelligent and effective tracking function lets you worry about actually watching the show and ShowTrack manages the tracking for you.

Right after you've seen an episode, start up ShowTrack and mark the episode as watched. You can even choose if you liked the episode or disliked it. With this function, you can easily go back and see how many of the shows episodes you liked and what other people thought about each episode, cool right?

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My Shows

This is the hub for your personal watching management. The My Shows-page collects everything you need to know about your own watching. You'll see everything you have left to watch based on the shows on your watchlist, you'll see the watchlist it self, favorite shows and all your ratings.

If you're unsure about what there's to watch next the My Shows-page presents the next episodes that are about to air in the upcoming two days with shows right from your watchlist. ShowTrack will also recommend you shows that our intelligent recommendation-engine has calculated based on what you've previously watched and rated. At last, you will see the episodes you've recently seen and your entire watching progress.

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If My Shows was the hub for your entire watching management, the dashboard on every show-page is the central hub for that particular show. On the dashboard you'll see the next episode you have to watch, the next episodes that airs along with the most recently aired episode. Also, there's personal statistics and recommendations based on the show.

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Never miss an episode again. With the calendar on ShowTrack you'll see every show that's airing in our database for a year forward. To make it better suited for you, the default option is that you'll only see the shows in the calendar that's on your watchlist. In other words, only the shows you're actually interested in. But with a tap, you'll change the view and see all the episodes in the entire calendar.

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The entire history of your show watching, right in your pocket. This page can be a bit frightening if you're a person who spends a lot of time watching TV-shows as it concludes just that - your watching history.

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Already know the name of a show? Then just search for it in the menu and there's a large possibility you'll find it in our huge database of shows.

And many more features!
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